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Updated: August 18, 2017

In addition to the hourly wage listed, each assignment has paid travel, housing and/or subsidies. For more information please contact us.

Open Positions
Location Specialty Length of Assignment Pay
Western MN Surgical Technician 13 weeks $27/Hour
East Central WI OR 13 weeks $37/Hour
Eastern MN Surgical Technician 13 weeks $27/Hour
Northern MN ICU 13 weeks $37/Hour
Western MN ER/MS 13 weeks $36/Hour
Central MN Chemo RN 13 weeks $36/Hour
Central MN MS 13 weeks $36/Hour
Eastern ND PCU 13 weeks $40/Hour
Northwestern MN ICU/MS 13 weeks $36 / Hour
Western WI LDRP 26 weeks $37/Hour
Western MN LTC 13 weeks $31/Hour
East central ND ER/MS 13 weeks $37/Hour
Western MN LDRP/MS 13 weeks $37/Hour
Western MN ER 13 weeks $37/Hour
Western WI LDRP/MS 13 weeks $36/Hour
Northwestern MN OR 13 weeks $37/Hour
Western WI OB/MS 13 weeks $37/Hour
Southern MN OB/MS 13 weeks $36/Hour
*Completion Bonus after initial assignment

Medical Staffing Partners, Inc.

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